• New Electronic Compass

    11 April 2019

    ETLG Inertial Aerosystems announce the eCompass strap down electronic compass.

    It combines a precision 3-axis solid state magnetometer and a rugged 2 axis electrolytic tilt sensor to provide accurate, compensated heading and tilt measurements over a wide temperature range. Refined firmware and signal processing deliver the ultimate in performance from the available sensor data.

    Heading accuracy is .5° rms with tilt <35°and dip <60°over an operating temperature of -40°to 105°C. Compensation for hard and soft iron influences is built-in.

    A wide variety of industry standard output formats are available via RS232 or RS485 interfaces.

    The compass is available in either a plastic enclosure or, for more rugged applications, an aluminium enclosure with a metal connector is available.

    An auxiliary connector allows calibration and tuning where the compass is already installed in a system.

    A development kit including compass, cable and software is available.

    For further information contact ETLG phone 44(0)203 258 0023, Email