Systron Donner IMUs

 Tactical Grade IMUs (SDI500/505/600)

The SDI500 is the first MEMS-based IMU to demonstrate true tactical grade performance, in a compact 19in3 package. Offering 20 year lifetime capability without calibration and 25,000+hr MTBF. Continuous Built-In Test, configurable protocols, EMI protection and flexible input power requirements make it easy to use in a wide range of higher order integrated system applications.

The SDI505 is a platform extension of the SDI500,  offering the same performance with the addition of sync pulse capability.

The SDI600 is the latest MEMS Quartz Tactical IMU, offering class leading performance with SWAP-C (Size, Weight, Power and Cost) advantages. With a breakthrough high bandwidth gyro in a small (20in3) and lightweight (<600grams) package, perfect for meeting the demanding accuracy requirements of air, ground and sea missile and munitions. 


The MotionPak is a solid-state sensor cluster incorporating 3 linear servo accelerators and 3 angular rate sensors to provide high reliability in a compact and fully self-contained motion measurement package with analogue output. Available with a wide range of custom configurations, it is suitable for a wide range of application requirements including platform stabilization, robotics, automotive testing, attitude reference systems and flight testing.


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